Keeping it alive…

Lost Sounds – The band formed in 1999 and disbanded in 2005. I was a huge fan of them throughout my teenage years, there was just something that I connected with. I still listen to the music today, it really takes me back to both good and bad times. I remember as a teenager I’d lock myself in my room and just listen to music for hours, just taken away by it feeling all sorts of things. When I was looking to start my personal blog, I saw this site available and thought it would be good to keep it alive with some of my favourite songs from the band etc. So I guess this site is a hybrid of some memories of Lost Sounds as well as my personal ramblings that music still evokes in me.

This is one of my favourite songs:

More from the band

A few more songs from the band here:

An alternative guys wedding

So I’m getting married next year…all this wedding s#it is driving me crazy! My fiance is utterly obsessed with everything wedding, it’s all I hear about. What do you think about these flowers? Come and try this cake for the reception? What about these vests for the groomsmen? Who will sit where at the reception? This paper or that paper for the invitations? Seriously, I just want her to organise it, I’ll be happy with whatever she organises mostly. I did want to have a camo themed wedding, but she said no way! I’m obsessed with hunting and outdoorsy stuff, so I thought why not? Apparently that’d look tacky. Her compromise is having a rustic/country look. I don’t mind, all the decorative details are more important to her, I just thought it’d be cool.

The only thing I’ve got to choose is my wedding band, and I got a camo one like these mens rings, they’re pretty cheap too so I didn’t have to fork out alot for it. I’m not good with things like that, I’ve lost a few rings before so I won’t have to worry about losing something worth a $1000 with this. And it means more money to spend on actual hunting gear :-)

One thing I don’t agree with that she wants to spend too much money on (in my opinion) is these dresses for her bridesmaids. I didn’t know dresses were that expensive! Apparently these are worth it because they’re designer and hand made. It makes her happy so I’ll let her have this one.

I’ll be happy once it’s all over and done with, when I can call her my wife and we can go on our honeymoon! That’s the part I’m looking forward to the most.